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We have three categories - Feature, Pilot and Short.

You're allowed to vote for 5 features, 3 pilots and 3 shorts. This round of voting ends Creative writing works when the writing creates. The act of writing to invent character and narrative is the most powerful way to make an original story. So if writing, in and of itself, is a highly effective way to develop a successful script, why are we told to plan Does your script have an awesome title? BlueCat celebrates the art of creating the unforgettable title with our annual Title Contest and we invite you to enter now!

Every script entered by August 4th is eligible for our Title Contest, and all scripts will Written Analysis Every script submitted by the Midsummer Deadline will receive written analysis by September 3rd. Resubmissions Your script is eligible for resubmission after you Your characters compel you to be honest, and this creates a challenge. The actions of the characters make your story. Writers often focus on plot, structure, theme, dialogue, description, amongst many other elements, but the success of your script and your story rely What are the reasons you write?

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How did you become a writer? Why do you continue to write? My first memory of writing was an assignment by my second grade teacher. She asked us to write a story. I remember the strange and wonderful feeling of being able to make Can you write your script in one month? The answer is yes. Will your project be ready for production? Probably not. But the key to writing a producible story is actually writing. Yes, i know, that's a trade secret that we don't necessarily want everyone to know, but Writers want success, but how do you define it? Is it writing enough to pay your bills?

Is it writing to find an audience, regardless if you make enough money or not?

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Maybe you want to be famous or win an Emmy or Oscar. Any writer would probably welcome all of these The BlueCat Screenplay Competition is now accepting submissions! Awards The Grand Prize Successfully constructed drama delivers emotion. When a story delivers emotion, people watch it. Watching great television shows and movies helps writers learn how to write an emotionally engaging story. Code: TheForceIsCalling. Code: mpf Code: octoberMCZ. Code: MusicVideosFor Code: 6NNF Code: wow. Code: NYCA. Code: NYPoets Code: night Code: FusionNorth Code: NOHO Code: oiff Code: odff Code: osw Code: osff Code: OFF.

Code: OVFF Code: FALL Code: Loveforthepassion. Code: octoberPGZ.

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