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Cacao also aids in improving the blood flow to the brain and helps with brain function. The smoothie looks like cookies and cream smoothie! The taste is actually good, like melted ice cream! Here are the soups we received in the box! Splendid Spoon Kabocha Congee — Congee is a good substitute for full meals as it contains the right amount of carbs, and can be added with protein like this Kabocha Congee! The congee is creamy and it contains Kabocha Squash that helps you to have clear eyesight and shiny hair!


The soup also contains cinnamon that not only adds to the taste but also, helps in banishing infection and lowers blood pressure. Also, the soups in this box are easy to heat, as you can remove the lid and seal and put it straight in the microwave, or pour it into a saucepan and simmer. Splendid Spoon Beans And Greens — Packed with lots of beans and greens, this is a meal that will definitely be an easy source of fiber and other vitamins!

Like the probiotic drinks or yogurts, the bokchoy in this meal also helps you to have a healthier gut, while the pinto beans can provide your protein needs. Masala Khichri is a good mix of Moong Dal, or Mung Beans, spinach, ginger, okra, and brown basmati rice.

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The mung beans are great for your heart and gut, while the ginger is known for its many benefits like relieving loss of appetite, nausea, pain, aside from fighting inflammation and boosting the immune system. It contains mostly greens, and that makes the soup look healthy!

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Also, the brown basmati rice is less processed than the white rice, and retains most of its whole-grain nutritional value, and contains a high amount of essential nutrients and amino acids. But unlike the famous dip, it is warm and full of immune-boosting spices. Oh, and did I mention they deliver weekly to your doorstep? Here for the Splendid Spoon coupon?

Customize your meals. There are over forty menu options to choose from Sit back and relax. Your meals are prepared and delivered right to your door. Plus, you can skip deliveries at any time!

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Get The Self Care Toolkit. Simple Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats. Why Am I Addicted to Sugar? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Necessary Always Enabled. Splendid Spoon subscription box review.

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We took time and effort to try as many plant-based food delivery services as we could and picked the sure winner - Splendid Spoon. It was based on price, quality, variety, and company philosophy about healthy lifestyle. Child holds Carrot Ginger Chia smoothie.

The plans are customizable with all the meals plant-based and gluten free. Splendid Spoon vegan, non-GMO soups and smoothies. The food we received was very good, tasty, filling, and made us feel amazing. The goal of this program is not necessarily weight loss, but it can definitely help with that.


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If you do want to lose a few pounds, you can sign up for a health program that includes one plant-based meal per day, 15 minutes of mindful practice, and a community to share your progress with. Splendid Spoon smoothies. All 5 breakfasts came in smoothie shape — perfect for those of us that love morning smoothies already. Splendid Spoon Carrot Ginger Chia smoothie.

Splendid Spoon Green Matcha smoothie. Every one of those smoothies tasted good and had distinct and complex flavor.

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  • All of those smoothies definitely kept us full until lunch time and gave us ideas for the future smoothie making at home. Splendid Spoon smoothies for a healthy breakfast. Splendid Spoon soups. Lunches were all soups, five different and amazing recipes. It might be scary to think that all you are going to get for lunch is soup, but trust us, they were so satisfying and so filling that we struggled to finish them sometimes.

    The soups are hard to review because their liking is so based on personal taste and preference. Some people might love borscht and some might never have had it in their life, so we are leaving the taste test up to you.